In response to the changing aesthetic and redevelopment of the Old Fire Station Site in Oxford, Sarah Hughes has created a series of 60 books, in three section, which articulate her reception of the space. Text is positioned against a series of images taken at various points of the Fire Station's refurbishment. The quality of the prints, a dense and heavy print suggestive of the rich history of the site, is juxtaposed by the fragments of text and text extractions which portray the quality of the aesthetic, the insatiable reflection and the indispensable quality of space.
Between September 29th and October 2nd 2011, these books will be made freely available throughout public spaces in the centre of oxford, offering a sideward glance of the forthcoming site, which, through its redevelopment, offers the opportunity of an interconnected arts space, cafe, auditorium, and study centre for single homeless people in the city.